Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 10

  • explore and generalise multiplication of polynomials algebraically and geometrically
  • explore and compare the properties of different functions using digital tools
  • create, solve and explain equation sets related to practical situations
  • calculate the slope of a linear function, and use it to explain the concepts change per unit and average speed
  • explore the relationship between constant change by percentage, growth factors and exponential functions
  • extract and interpret relevant information from texts related to purchases, sales and different types of loans, and use this to formulate and solve problems
  • plan, carry out and present an exploratory work related to one’s personal finances
  • use functions in modelling and argue for approaches and results
  • model situations related to real datasets, present the results and argue for the validity of the models
  • explore mathematical properties and relationships by using programming

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework