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The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is responsible for the development of kindergarten and primary and secondary education. The Directorate is the executive agency for the Ministry of Education and Research.

Facts about Norwegian education

In our publication The Norwegian Education Mirror you will find statistics and analysis about kindergartens, primary and secondary education in Norway. The publication tracks the pupils' entire educational trajectory from kindergarten to upper secondary education or training.

You can also find facts about the state of education in Norway in Education at a Glance 2016, OECD.

Our responsibilities

The Directorate has the overall responsibility for supervising kindergarten, education and the governance of the education sector, as well as the implementation of Acts of Parliament and regulations.

The Directorate is responsible for all national statistics concerning kindergarten, primary and secondary education. On the basis of these statistics it initiates, develops and monitors research and development.

The objective of the Directorate is to ensure that all children, pupils and apprentices receive the high quality education they are entitled to.

Quality in Norwegian Early Childhood and Care, Schools and Vocational Education and training

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The National Assement for Learning Programme (2010–2018)


Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian Dictionary for the Primary and Secondary Education Sector

Useful contacts

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training P.O. Box. 9359 Grønland, 0135 OSLO N - 0135 OSLO NORWAY Phone: + 47 23 30 12 00 Fax: + 47 23 30 12 99 E-mail:

For more information about the Norwegian system of kindergarten and education, visit the web site of The Ministry of Education and Research.