Assessment and recognition of foreign vocational education and training

Most professions on upper-secondary level in Norway are non-regulated. There is no national system of recognition of foreign vocational education and training.

No national system of recognition

Norway has no general national system for the recognition of vocational education and training from foreign countries at upper secondary level 3 (Vg3), i.e. the education and training received by apprentices in their training establishment. Neither is there a national system of recognition of foreign work experience for those who wish to present themselves as candidates for experience-based trade certification.

Consequently, employers cannot demand formal recognition of foreign vocational education and training.

Assessment of vocational training in non-regulated professions

The County Governor may, upon application, make an assessment of whether or not foreign vocational training is considered equal to a corresponding Norwegian vocational training. However, neither the County Governor nor the county authority is under any obligation to consider or assist in such matters. Not all counties offer this service.

What kind of assessment is made by the County Governor?

The assessment made by the County Governor concerns whether or not the foreign qualifications are equal to Norwegian qualifications, and does not constitute formal recognition of qualifications. Employers are under no obligation to comply with such an assessment.

What kind of education may be subject to assessment?

The County Governor's assessment concerns foreign vocational training, i.e. upper secondary education, the Norwegian equivalent of which leads to a certificate of upper secondary education, a trade certificate or a journeyman's certificate.

How do I apply for an assessment of my vocational education?

Please contact the County Governor or the vocational training board of your county of residence. Contact info regarding the County Governor.

Contact info regarding the vocational training board.

Regulated professions

The practice of certain professions, for instance health professionals, requires authorization by Norwegian authorities. Please confer NOKUT's website for a complete list of regulated professions and how to apply for recognition.

Recognition of foreign degrees in teaching (schools and kindergarten)

If you have a foreign degree and wish to seek employment as a teacher in primary, lower secondary or upper secondary school, or as supervisor or educational supervisor of a kindergarten, you will require formal recognition by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

For information on how to apply, and the documents needed, please see our website.

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