Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 7

  • develop and use suitable strategies in calculations with fractions, decimal numbers and percentages, and explain one’s own thought processes
  • represent and use fractions, decimal numbers and percentages in different ways and explore the mathematical relationships between these representations
  • explore negative numbers in practical situations
  • use a number line in calculations with positive and negative numbers
  • use compound mathematical expressions to describe and do calculations
  • use different strategies to solve linear equations and inequalities, and evaluate whether the solutions are valid
  • explore and use suitable measures of central tendency in one’s own and others’ statistical inquiries
  • log, sort, present and read data in tables and diagrams, and argue for the choice of representation
  • create and evaluate budgets and accounts by using spreadsheets with cell references and formulas
  • use programming to explore data in tables and datasets

Formative assessment