Mathematics year 1–10 (MAT01‑05)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 9

  • describe
    , explain and
    structures and progressions in geometric and numerical patterns
  • explore
    the properties of different polygons and explain the concepts similarity and congruence
  • explore
    and argue for relationships between the length of the sides in triangles
  • explore
    and argue for how changing the conditions in a geometric problem affects the solutions
  • explore
    and argue for formulas for area and volume of three-dimensional figures
  • interpret
    and critically evaluate statistical representations found in media and the local community
  • find and discuss measures of central tendency and measures of variability in real datasets
  • explore
    and argue for how representations of numbers and data can be used to promote different points of view
  • calculate and evaluate probability in statistics and games
  • simulate outcomes in random events and calculate the probability that something will occur by using programming

Formative assessment