Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 2

  • order numbers, sets and shapes based on their properties, compare them, and reflect on whether they can be ordered in more ways
  • explore numbers, sets and counting through play, nature, visual art, music and children’s literature, represent the numbers in different ways and translate between the different representations
  • experiment with counting, both up and down, choosing different starting points and various intervals, and describe patterns in the countings
  • explore and describe general properties of even and odd numbers
  • describe the positional system using different representations
  • place numbers on the number line, and use the number line for calculations and solving problems
  • explore addition and subtraction and use this to formulate and solve problems from play and one's own everyday life
  • explore the commutative and associative properties of addition and use these in mental arithmetic
  • recognise and describe the repeating units in patterns, and make one’s own patterns
  • explore, draw and describe geometric shapes from one’s own local environment and argue for ways to sort them by properties
  • measure and compare quantities relating to length and area, using non-standard and standardised units of measurement, describe how and discuss the results
  • explain how to tell the time using a clock and calendar
  • create and follow rules and step-by-step instructions during play and games

Formative assessment