Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 6

  • explore, name and place decimal numbers on the number line
  • explore strategies for calculating with decimal numbers and compare this with strategies for calculating with whole numbers
  • formulate and solve problems from one’s own everyday life related to decimal numbers, fractions and percentages, and explain one’s own thought processes
  • describe properties and minimum definitions of two and three dimensional figures, and explain what properties the figures have in common, and what properties distinguish them from one another
  • explore and describe symmetry in patterns and carry out congruent mapping with and without a coordinate system
  • measure the radius, diameter and circumference of circles, and explore and argue for how they are interrelated
  • explore measures for area and volume in practical situations and represent them in different ways
  • use different strategies to calculate area and circumference, and explore the relationships between these
  • use variables and formulas to express relationships in practical situations
  • use variables, loops, conditions and functions in programming to explore geometric figures and patterns

Formative assessment