Norwegian (NOR01‑06)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after vg3 programmes for general studies

  • analyse and interpret novels, short stories, plays, poetry and factual prose in "bokmål" and "nynorsk" from 1850 to the present and reflect on the texts in light of the cultural-history context and one’s own contemporary time
  • explore and reflect on how texts from the realist and modernist traditions present humankind, nature and society
  • write essays that explore and reflect on the content of texts
  • write literary interpretations and comparisons
  • analyse forms of expression in multimedia texts in different media and assess how they interact
  • use subject-related knowledge and precise terminology in exploratory conversations, discussions and oral presentations on topics relating to the Norwegian subject
  • write rhetorical analyses and interpretations of factual prose texts
  • master language morphology rules in the written first-choice and second-choice languages and write texts with verifiable use of sources and precise and nuanced language
  • read subject-related literature, assess sources critically and write articles that explain and discuss topics relating to the Norwegian subject
  • explain present-day changes in spoken Norwegian and reflect on relationships between language, culture and identity

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework