Norwegian (NOR01‑06)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 7

  • read poetry, short stories, factual texts and fiction in "bokmål" and "nynorsk", Swedish and Danish and talk about purpose, form and content
  • read Sami texts in Norwegian and talk about the values that are expressed and how place names and personal names that contain Sami letters are pronounced
  • find information in subject-related sources in libraries and digital media, assess the reliability of the sources and refer to the sources in one’s own texts
  • use reading strategies adapted to the purpose of the reading
  • write texts with functional handwriting and with fluid keyboard typing
  • listen to and develop input from others and justify one’s own points of views in conversations
  • reflect ethically on how he or she presents him or herself and others in digital media
  • present subject-related topics orally with and without digital resources
  • play with language and experiment with various language features, literary devices and types of presentation in oral and written texts
  • describe, relate, reason and reflect in different oral and written genres and for different purposes
  • write texts with a clear structure and master important rules for spelling, word inflection and punctuation
  • provide feedback on the texts of fellow pupils based on criteria and use the feedback to revise one’s own texts
  • use subject-related terminology and knowledge about word classes and syntax in conversations about one’s own and others’ texts
  • explore and describe the interaction between writing, pictures and other forms of expression and create one’s own multimedia texts
  • experiment with writing texts in the second-choice language
  • compare the spoken language in the local environment with other varieties of spoken language in Norway and with neighbouring languages
  • explore and reflect on the relationship between language and identity

Formative assessment