Norwegian (NOR01‑06)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after vg2 vocational education programmes

  • read, analyse and interpret newer works of fiction in "bokmål" and "nynorsk" and in translations from Sami and other languages
  • reflect on how texts present encounters between different cultures
  • explain and reflect on the use of rhetorical language and language features and literary devices in factual prose texts
  • listen to others, construct reasoned arguments and use rhetorical language in discussions
  • use different sources in a critical, independent and verifiable manner
  • communicate clearly and comprehensibly, both orally and in writing, in vocationally relevant genres
  • use relevant vocational terminology to present, explain and document subject-related topics and work processes in one’s own education programme
  • read technical material from one’s own vocational field to find, combine and assess relevant information
  • combine language features and forms of expression creatively in the creation of one’s own texts
  • assess and revise one’s own texts based on feedback and subject-related criteria
  • write texts with good structure and coherence and master punctuation and spelling in the written first-choice language
  • compare distinctive features of Norwegian with other languages and demonstrate how language can be changed due to influence from other languages
  • explain the prevalence of the Sami languages in Norway, the Norwegianization policy and linguistic rights the Sami have as an indigenous people

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework