Geosciences - Programme subject in programme for Specialization in General Studies (GFG1-01)


Geosciences is concerned with the basic elements of natural environments, such as bedrock, loose masses, air and water. These are natural resources that play fundamental social and economic roles in local and global society. Norway’s natural resources ensure the country’s sound economy, and Norway is a major contributor to research in the geosciences.

Today, earth, air and water are influenced by human activity to such a great degree that the natural biotope is deteriorating or threatened with destruction. Extreme climatic and weather conditions and natural disasters can take many lives, leaving enormous destruction behind and leading to great human, social and economic suffering. Competence in preventive work and early warning systems is fundamental to local and global perspectives. The programme subject shall give pupils insight into this field, giving them a better grasp of international environmental debates and discussions on sustainable development.

Research in the geosciences and the exploitation of geosciences resources often involve difficult ethical challenges. Environmental debates present observations with a degree of reservation and uncertainty. The programme subject shall give pupils an understanding of discussions surrounding research methods and the validity and uncertainty of their findings. One objective of the programme subject is to help individuals understand that trustworthy early warning methods do, in fact, exist and that international cooperation is necessary for getting the most out of early-warning systems and for preventing damage. The programme subject shall also give the pupil an understanding of how early warning systems for forecasting threats to climatic and weather situations in Norway are constructed. Teaching in the subject of local, national and international geoscientific conditions shall provide knowledge about the geosciences and the importance of evaluating and understanding news articles and discussions on sustainable development and geopolitical policies.

In the subject of Geosciences, individuals shall gain experience in research methods used in the natural sciences through independent activities in their local community. The programme subject may help create a basis for further study in one or more subject areas of Geology, Geophysics or Natural Geography.

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