Geosciences - Programme subject in programme for Specialization in General Studies (GFG1-01)

Geosciences X

A changing earth

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • give an account of geological time scales and methods used to establish relative and absolute ages
  • explain the formation of magmatic and metamorphic rock types using plate tectonics theories
  • give an account of the formation of sediments and sedimentary rock types
  • explain the basics of climatic and weather conditions by using theories of radiation balance, water circulation and atmospheric currents
  • observe, describe and name landscape formations formed by glaciers, and consider the processes that can lead to these forms

Natural disasters

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • explain the cause of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions using plate tectonics theory
  • give an account of the causes of tropical hurricanes and other types of extreme weather
  • describe different types of avalanches, and elaborate on and discuss the causes of avalanches
  • explain the causes of extreme floods and droughts
  • create a summary of different news media presentations of natural disasters, and evaluate the geoscientific descriptions critically
  • give an overview of measures taken to prevent damage and injury during natural disasters
  • give an account of how international cooperation can assist in surveillance and early warnings for natural disasters

Tools of geosciences

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • extract and analyze information from different kinds of Geoscientific maps, airplane photos, radar plotting and satellite images
  • gather, prepare and present geoscientific information by using digital tools

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