Natural science (NAT01‑04)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 4

  • query, ask questions, formulate hypotheses and explore them to find answers
  • use tables and figures to structure data, make explanations based on data and present findings
  • compare models with observations and talk about how we use models in natural science
  • explore technological systems that are composed of different parts and describe how the parts function and work together
  • design and make a product based on specifications
  • explore and describe how some substances can change when mixed with other substances
  • explore observable quantities, such as speed and temperature, and connect them to energy
  • talk about what energy is and explore different energy chains
  • explore an area in nature and discuss sustainable use of the area
  • explore and compare how different species of animals and plants adapt to environments and habitats and discuss why some species become extinct
  • participate in harvesting and using natural resources and explain how natural resources can be used in a sustainable way
  • give examples of good animal welfare and reflect on how to look after the needs of animals
  • explore and describe the water cycle and explain why water is important for life on Earth
  • talk about physical and mental health and explain how lifestyles and well-being affect health
  • talk about the similarities and differences between the genders, about gender identity and about human reproduction
  • describe how the muscles and skeleton function and relate this to movement
  • describe functions in the body’s external defence mechanisms and talk about how these protect against disease

Formative assessment