Natural science (NAT01‑04)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after vg1 programmes for general studies

  • explore a self-chosen natural-science research question, present findings and argue for the choice of methods
  • carry out risk assessment of one’s own experiments and manage the resulting waste in a suitable manner
  • discuss how the development of natural-science hypotheses, models and theories helps us to understand and explain the world
  • assess and make programs that model natural-science phenomena
  • explore and describe some central wave phenomena
  • explain the main principles of wireless communication and give examples of applications of this technology
  • explore and describe electromagnetic and ionising radiation and assess information about radiation and the effect on health of various types of radiation
  • describe the Big Bang theory, and the origin and development of the universe, and explain observations that support this theory
  • explore and explain the connections between chemical bonds and the properties of different substances
  • explore the properties and reactions of some organic and inorganic carbon compounds, give examples of applications and explain the importance of carbon for life on Earth
  • explain how some environmental toxins can accumulate in food chains and assess measures to protect health and the environment
  • explain the functions of some nutrients and discuss why a varied diet is important in a health and sustainability perspective
  • discuss current health and lifestyle issues and assess the reliability of information from various sources
  • describe DNA and how characteristics are inherited and explain how heredity is a precondition for evolution
  • explain how climate changes affect evolution, the prevalence of species and biological diversity
  • give examples of the use of biotechnology and discuss ethical questions related to biotechnology

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework