Natural science (NAT01‑04)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims and assessment Year 2

  • query, explore and make questions and to link these to one's own or others’ experiences
  • present one’s findings and describe how one has arrived at them
  • present one’s own ideas for technological inventions
  • explore and describe observable properties of different objects, materials and substances and sort them according to their properties
  • talk about how we can make environmentally aware choices and carry out local environmental initiatives
  • explore a local natural area and describe how some organisms are adapted to the area and to each other
  • experience nature during the different seasons, reflect on how nature is undergoing changes and why the year is divided in different ways in the Norwegian and Sami traditions
  • plan and carry out examinations of weather and sky phenomena and compare measurements, observations and weather signs throughout the year
  • explore the senses through indoor and outdoor play and talk about how the senses are used to collect information
  • give examples of some common diseases and talk about what can be done to protect the body from infectious diseases

Formative assessment