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Competence aims after Vg1 programme for general studies

  • use
    appropriate strategies for language learning, text creation and communication
  • use
    appropriate digital resources and other aids in language learning, text creation and interaction
  • use
    pronunciation patterns in communication
  • listen to, understand
    and use
    academic language in working on one's own oral and written texts
  • express himself or herself in a nuanced and precise manner with fluency and coherence, using idiomatic expressions and varied sentence structures adapted to the purpose, receiver and situation
  • explain
    the reasoning of others and use
    and follow up input from others during conversations and discussions on various topics
  • use
    knowledge of similarities between English and other languages with which the pupil is familiar in language learning
  • use
    knowledge of grammar and text structure in working on one's own oral and written texts
  • read, discuss and reflect
    on the content and language features and literary devices in various types of texts, including self-chosen texts
  • read, analyse
    and interpret
    fictional texts in English
  • read and compare
    different factual texts on the same topic from different sources and critically assess
    the reliability of the sources
  • use
    different sources in a critical, appropriate and accountable manner
  • write different types of formal and informal texts, including multimedia texts with structure and coherence that describe, discuss, reason and reflect adapted to the purpose, recipient and situation
  • assess
    and revise one's own texts based on criteria in the subject and knowledge of language
  • describe
    key features of the development of English as a global language
  • explore
    and reflect
    on diversity and social conditions in the English-speaking world based on historical contexts
  • discuss and reflect
    on form, content and language features and literary devices in different cultural forms of expression from different media in the English-language world, including music, film and gaming

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework