Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 2

  • use digital aids to experience the language through authentic language models and interlocutors
  • listen to and recognise phonemes and syllables in words
  • associate phonemes with letters and spelling patterns and combine letter sounds into words
  • listen to and explore the English alphabet and pronunciation patterns through play and singing
  • find high frequency words and phrases in different types of texts
  • ask and answer simple questions, follow simple instructions and use some polite expressions
  • participate in rehearsed dialogues and spontaneous conversations about one’s own needs and feelings, daily life and interests
  • find words that are common to English and other languages with which the pupil is familiar
  • listen to, read and talk about the content of simple texts, including picture books
  • read and experiment with writing familiar words, phrases and simple sentences
  • learn words and acquire cultural knowledge through English-language literature for children

Formative assessment