Natural Science subject curriculum (NAT1-03)

Competence aims after Year 2

The budding researcher

  • ask questions, talk and philosophise about experiences in nature and man's place in nature
  • use one's senses to explore the world in the local neighbourhood
  • describe, illustrate and converse about one's own observations from experiments and in nature
  • recognise the symbols for hazardous substances and for dangerous lights

Diversity in nature

  • carry out activities in nearby surroundings to learn about nature and converse about why this is important
  • observe and describe the characteristics of the seasons and explain how Sami people divide the year
  • recognise and describe some plant and animal species from one’s nearby surroundings and sort them into groups

Body and health

  • name and describe the function of some external and internal body parts
  • discuss about setting limits and understanding and respecting one’s own body and those of others
  • describe and discuss about our senses and use them deliberately during indoor and outdoor observations and activities

Phenomena and substances

  • describe and illustrate how the earth, moon and sun move in relation to one another and explain the annual seasons, day/night and the phases of the moon
  • describe and sort substances based on observable characteristics
  • perform experiments with water and light and discuss the observations

Technology and design

  • make artefacts that are able to move with the help of water or air and tell others about how they work
  • make artefacts that use reflection of light and tell others about how they work

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