Natural Science subject curriculum (NAT1-03)

Competence aims after Year Level 4

The budding researcher

  • use natural science terms to describe and present one's own observations in various ways and recommend and converse about the possible explanations for what one has observed
  • use measuring instruments, systematised data, evaluate whether results seem reasonable or not, and present the data with or without using digital aids and tools
  • write reports and descriptions, revise the content of the report after feedback, evaluate the content of texts written by others and create simple digital composite texts
  • gather and process information about natural science themes from different sources and provide sources

Diversity in nature

  • talk about and compare the lifecycles of some plant and animal species
  • observe, register and describe the changes that occur in a tree or another perennial plants over time
  • describe the ways in which some extinct animal groups lived by gathering and systematising information from different sources
  • tell about animals from nearby surroundings, discuss animal welfare and distinguish between opinion and fact
  • investigate biologic decomposition and describe the cycle of nature
  • practice recycling and discuss why recycling is important
  • describe what can be done to care for nature in one’s own surroundings and argument for consideration when visiting nature

Body and health

  • describe in general terms the structure of the human body
  • describe the form and functions of the digestive system
  • describe the human skeleton and muscles and elaborate on how the body moves
  • explain why we vaccinate against certain illnesses, use information from brochures and digital texts to describe a common illness and how it can be prevented
  • observe and describe how the body reacts in different situations, talk about different emotional reactions and the relationship between physical and mental health

Phenomena and substances

  • create a digital composite text about some of the planets in our solar system by finding information about them and state sources
  • recognise and point out some stellar constellations, tell and talk about myths and sagas related to the night sky and the northern lights in Sami and Norwegian traditions
  • carry out experiments showing that substances and compounds may change their nature when subjected to various influences
  • explore phenomena related to air and sound, describe observations and provide some explanations
  • registrate and describe one’s own observations about the weather, measure temperature and rain and present the results in a graph

Technology and design

  • plan, build and test simple models of building constructions and document the process from idea to finished product using text and illustrations
  • describe constructions and discuss why some are more stable and can withstand greater loads than others
  • recognise and describe load-carrying structures in various buildings in one’s neighbourhood

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