The Norwegian Education Mirror, 2019

About The Education Mirror

The Education Mirror is the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training’s annual publication with insights such as statistics and analysis about kindergartens, primary and secondary education in Norway. The publication tracks the pupils’ entire educational trajectory from kindergarten to upper secondary education or training. 

The directorate publishes updated statistics and research throughout the year. In The Education Mirror, we seek to tie up the loose ends and provide a summary of key trends from the  academic year, and this edition is for 2018–19.  The Education Mirror is also a gateway for those looking to obtain additional figures and read extended research articles.

The target audiences for this publication, are those who are involved in policy design for the kindergarten and education sectors and others who may be interested in the subject matter.

In this version, we take an extra look at how immigrants and their descendants fare in the education system. How do we ensure that financial circumstances do not prevent enrolment in kindergarten and out-of-school-hours care, and what differences are there in learning outcomes and completion rates between pupils with an immigrant background and other pupils? Figures show that young people who arrive in Norway towards the end of compulsory education, face additional challenges in terms of completing their education and that apprentices with immigrant backgrounds struggle more than other young people to find apprenticeships.