Læreplan i matematikk (MAT1-01)

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Etter 4. årssteget

Tal og algebra

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • describe the place-value system for nonnegative integers, use positive and negative integers, easy fractions and decimal numbers in practical contexts, and represent numbers in varied ways
  • estimate and find numbers by means of mental computation, counting aids and paper and pencil, make rough estimations with simple numbers and evaluate answers
  • develop and use a variety of methods for addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, including mental strategies and paper and pencil
  • use the multiplication table up to 10x10 and carry out multiplication and division in practical contexts
  • choose an arithmetic operation and justify the choice, use knowledge of tables of the arithmetic operations and utilise simple relations between the arithmetic operations
  • experiment with, recognise, describe and extend simple number patterns


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • recognise and describe characteristics of circles, polygons, spheres, cylinders and simple polyhedrons
  • draw and build geometric figures and models in practical contexts, including technology and design
  • recognise and use reflection symmetry and parallel translation in specific situations
  • make and explore geometric patterns and describe them orally
  • place and describe locations in grids, on maps and in coordinate systems, with and without digital tools


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • estimate and measure length, area, volume, mass, temperature, time intervals and angles
  • use non-standard measurement units and explain the purpose of standard measurement units, and convert between common measurement units
  • compare quantities using suitable measuring tools and simple calculations with and without digital aids
  • solve practical buying and selling tasks

Statistikk, sannsyn og kombinatorikk

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • collect, sort, record and display data using tally charts, tables and bar charts, and comment on the displays

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