Examples of connections


Competence aims after production and services

  • use
    materials, techniques and equipment in compliance with applicable regulations governing health, safety and environment
  • use ergonomically correct techniques and reflect
    on the connection between public health, efficiency and socioeconomics
  • explain and use suitable hand tools, measuring tools and machinery to process materials related to production and interpret
    the measurement results according to the work drawings
  • plan
    , complete and document
    one practical assignment related to production and maintenance of machinery and equipment in compliance with applicable standards and procedures
  • disassemble and assemble machinery components in relevant assignments
  • describe
    tasks related to production and services based on drawings and procedures
  • describe
    the specific properties of various materials and explain
    how they may affect the natural environment
  • explain how chemical compounds and properties impact use, reuse and safe storage of raw materials and other materials
  • execute and explain
    thermal, chemical and mechanical joining methods
  • use safety datasheets and other types of chemical documentation and perform risk analyses on chemicals used in the workplace
  • interpret
    information using digital aids and relevant tables to complete tasks related to production and services
  • describe
    the workflow of a practical assignment from the idea to end product
  • describe
    the meaning of sustainable development of products and services

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework