Examples of connections


Competence aims after nature-based production and services

  • take care of plants based on knowledge of the biology of the species and cycles in nature
  • take care of animals or fish in respect of ethical guidelines and knowledge of animal welfare and health, and biology of the species
  • carry out assignments along various parts of the value chain based on applicable rules and standards
  • classify and present a selection of species and materials, and choose materials based on work assignments and properties of the materials
  • follow instructions and use manuals for production equipment, and carry out simple inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • test methods of operation and assess them against traditions, ethics, quality requirements and environmental impact
  • carry out and document work in compliance with applicable provisions on health, safety and environment, and also assess risks
  • choose and use analogue and digital tools to plan and carry out assignments
  • make simple estimates for raw materials and material consumption, input factors and benefits
  • collect, interpret and use data related to agriculture, fishing and forestry assignments, and critically interpret sources and observations
  • carry out simple raw material processing methods
  • explain and assess how social partners cooperate to develop a better workplace

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework