Physical education (KRO01‑05)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 10

  • explore
    one’s own opportunities for exercising, health and well-being through play, dancing, outdoor life, sports activities and other movement activities
  • exercise
    skills in a variety of movement activities
  • practise and carry out dance activities from youth cultures and other cultures, and together with co-pupils create and
    dance compositions
  • reflect
    on how different presentations of the body in media and society affect movement activity, and how the pupil sees his or her body and self-image
  • plan
    and perform movement activities that can be carried out in the case of injury or illness
  • use
    one’s own skills and knowledge in a way that might help others to have progress
  • recognise differences between oneself and others in movement activities and include everyone, regardless background and abilities
  • understand
    of several types of maps and digital tools and
    them to orient oneself in familiar and unfamiliar terrain
  • perform a variety of swimming techniques and be able to swim a long distance based on one’s own goals
  • understand
    and perform lifesaving in, on and by water out in nature
  • understand
    and perform lifesaving first aid
  • practise outdoor life in all the seasons, including camping out, and
    on what experiences in nature may mean for oneself and others
  • assess
    the risk and safety of a variety of outdoor activities,
    and carry out sustainable and safe nature wandering

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework