Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 2

  • explore one’s own bodily movement in play and other activities, alone and together with others
  • explore and carry out basic movements such as to crawl, walk, run, hop on one leg, jump, land, turn and roll in different environments based on one’s own abilities
  • practise in delivering, receiving and playing with different objects and types of ball
  • play and interact with others in activities in a variety of movement environments
  • play and perform basic exercises to get accustomed to water, such as to dive, float, glide, move through the water and jump into and orient oneself in water
  • understand and follow simple rules for interaction in various movement activities
  • explore nature in the local environment with a variety of activities in each of the seasons
  • understand and follow rules for hiking and wear the proper clothing according to the weather and outdoor conditions
  • practise safe behaviour in traffic
  • practise safe behaviour when in the water and practise how to call for help

Formative assessment