Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 7

  • explore, play and play games, and play together with others in various movement activities
  • practise complex movements, alone and together with others
  • take part in activities according to one’s own interests and abilities in dancing, outdoor life, sports activities and other movement activities
  • use maps, digital tools and signs in nature to orient oneself in nature and the local environment
  • understand and follow the rules for activities and games and respect the results
  • understand the differences between oneself and others and participate in movement activities that may be adapted to the abilities of others, not only one's personal preferences
  • perform basic techniques in front stoke swimming, backstroke swimming and swimming under water
  • assess the safety of outdoor activities and nature wandering and learn self-rescue in water
  • use the local environment and explore local outdoor life cultures
  • explain the public right of access in nature and behaviour in nature
  • go on overnight trips and reflect on one’s own experiences of nature

Formative assessment