Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 4

  • explore and play games, take part in sports activities, dancing and other movement activities
  • use one's body to explore activities and develop basic movements
  • practise and use basic skills, such as running with, throwing, bouncing, kicking and catching a ball in various movement activities
  • show the ability to swim by falling into deep water, front stroke swimming 100 m, during which the pupil dives down and picks up an object with his or her hands, stopping and resting for three minutes (while keeping afloat on one's stomach, orienting oneself, rolling over, floating on one’s back), then swimming 100 m backstroke, and climbing ashore
  • understand and follow rules for interaction in games and movement activities
  • understand how one’s own body and others’ bodies are different, and include others in different movement activities
  • explore outdoor activities and cooperate with others during the different seasons in the local environment
  • make and use maps to orient oneself in familiar terrain
  • practise safe and sustainable nature wandering
  • understand and follow traffic rules

Formative assessment