Vg1 Healthcare, child and youth development (HSF01‑03)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after health promotion

  • describe
    how the body is built up and how it functions
  • assess
    what promotes physical and mental health, and how lifestyle diseases and infection can be prevented
  • plan
    , execute and
    activities that contribute to mastery, development and good health
  • assemble and cook simple meals and
    the energy and nutritional content according to the dietary advice of the health authorities
  • use
    hygiene principles to promote good health
  • carry out basic first aid
  • discuss
    and give examples of what each person and society can do to improve their own health and public health
  • explain
    how consumption and activities impact the environment and
    on how one can make environmentally friendly choices in occupational practice
  • use
    correct work techniques and good working positions, and
    how ergonomics and health are related

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework