Curriculum for Travel industry Vg3 / in-service training at a training establishment (RLV3-01)

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Service and role of host

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • communicate orally and in writing with customers and guests, also in English
  • formulate simple sentences in a foreign language other than English with customers and guests
  • impart products and services from one's own business and in cooperation with collaborators businesses based on the needs of the customer
  • give service and adapt your communication, behaviour and clothing when meeting customers and guests with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities
  • use different aids to present activities and experiences at your business and at your destinations
  • plan and carry out activities and experiences based on general tourism and travel products offered
  • share information on tourist attractions and the distinctive features of local and national culture and history
  • use various sources of information, and recheck these for use in service and in the role of a host
  • plan and carry out travel and tourism experiences based on current regulations for environment, health and safety, and out of consideration for the environment and cultural values
  • communicate the most distinctive features of the general travel and tourism products that your business provides

Sales and marketing

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • identify and describe the most important target groups for your business, and describe their needs
  • give an account of factors that might influence product developments in your business
  • give an account of the most distinctive features of the marketing plan for your business
  • plan, perform and document work tasks in accordance with the action plan for your business
  • evaluate, select and use marketing aids for the products your business offers in accordance with market demands, your company's profile and current regulations
  • build, document and utilise customer relations in marketing work
  • initiate, carry out and terminate sales and aftersales campaigns
  • give an account of digital services available at your business and the development of your website
  • act in accordance with ethical norms for sales and marketing
  • use digital tools and aids for sales and marketing
  • formulate a sales letter and other documents for communicating with customers


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • tell about the history of your company and give an account of its goals, main activities, priority areas, financial structure and organisation
  • give an account of your work and your role in the business
  • plan your workday, and carry out and improve daily routines at work
  • cooperate with other operators to ensure that customers get an overall good travel experience
  • evaluate how different factors can influence economic results of a travel company
  • use cash and payment terminals, handle cash, perform settlements and carry out basic currency exchange estimates and calculations
  • use the company's customer service system for orders, modifications and cancellations
  • keep statistics and prepare reports in accordance with company needs and current legislation
  • order goods and services for your business
  • evaluate how employees may contribute to sustainable development at your business and in society in general
  • explain and carry out work according to current regulations relative to the tourism industry
  • evaluate the relationship between own work, the company's internal working environment, profitability in your department and the quality of your travel tourism products
  • explain and work according to routines for safety for the company's employees and assets
  • work according to the rules and agreements that regulate employment conditions in the travel industry, and give an account of the rights and obligations of employers and employees

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