Programme area for Media and communication - Curriculum for common programme subjects Vg2 (MED2-01)


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Description of the programme subjects

Media communication

The programme subject deals with analyzis and use of different media and communication methods. It also deals with insight into what distinguishes journalism from market communication. The programme subject covers practical work and analyzis, media influence and media habits of individuals and society. The programme subject also covers ethical and legal aspects of media activity and the consequences communications activities have, and changes in how we use the media because of new technology and social change. Expertise in design and production is also a central theme in the subject area.

Media design and media expression

The programme subject deals with creative skills and vocational methodology for generating ideas. The programme subject deals with a product's form, expression and function in relation to communicating through texts, sounds and images that are directed at different target groups. The programme subject also covers the history of expression as a basis for developing own expressive repertoire. Competence in communication and production to create solutions for designs is also a central theme in this subject.

Media production

The programme subject deals with planning, preparation, execution and assessment of own media productions based on professional standards. The use of tools, technology and equipment is central to the subject. The programme subject also deals with the relationship between technological development and opportunities in working with media products. Competence in communication and design, both for production and for presentation of traditional products and innovation is a central them in the subject.

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