Programme area for Media and communication - Curriculum for common programme subjects Vg2 (MED2-01)


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Media and communication activities are important sources of knowledge, entertainment, experience, marketing and trade. More and faster change in society and technology also lead to changes in how we use the media. Increasing globalisation and convergence of different media lead to new professions and media-based products arising, which set new demands for expertise in the media sector.

The programme area Media and communication shall develop competence for how media influences our perception of society, attitudes, ways of thought and actions. The programme subjects shall contribute to knowledge about human rights, multi-cultural conditions and the media's role in society. Learning in the programme subjects shall give perspective and direction for innovation and development of the different subjects in Media and communication, ethical and legal aspects of media activities and an understanding of the many forms of expressions used throughout history. Media and communication shall develop flexible and competent professionals who can contribute to good solutions to future challenges.

The program area shall contribute to developing the individual's competence in communication, design and media production, the ability to recognise historical expressions and train creative skills.

Learning in Media and communication shall be relevant for various kinds of media. Learning about images shall give competence in still images and live image editing. Learning in the programme subjects shall contribute to good working habits and the ability to work independently and cooperate in interdisciplinary work through practical work and holistic, interdisciplinary working tasks. It shall also form the basis for and inspire entrepreneurship.

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