Programme area for Media and communication - Curriculum for common programme subjects Vg2 (MED2-01)


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Media design and media expression

Media design and media expression

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • prepare media designs for media products on paper, for computer screen and sound, based on ideas from different clients, and substantiate these in terms of design and design tools
  • use different techniques to generate ideas from research to finished concept, document the process with idea sketches and present the concept to a client
  • use the basic principles of composition in texts, images and sound, and discuss and elaborate on how the different elements influence each other
  • use different dramaturgical models in own production, and discuss and elaborate on the dramaturgy of one's own and others' products
  • use typography in electronic and printed advertising media suited to the message, expression and media selection
  • use form and colour as tools in own production and evaluate the effects and tools
  • use lighting to enhance composition and design in image productions, and evaluate the use of lighting
  • use the extended concept of text to discuss and elaborate on common expressive elements in different media expressions through time

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