Programme area for Media and communication - Curriculum for common programme subjects Vg2 (MED2-01)


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Media production

Media production

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • plan, carry out and evaluate productions in texts, images, sounds and combinations of these in different formats and for different medias
  • use basic terminology, and explain the different media type's production processes from idea to finished product
  • use the basic principles of project management, quality control and cost calculations of a media production
  • select and use equipment and software suited to the product and framework conditions
  • use and maintain equipment for media production
  • store media products in different formats for storing media, and give an account of current distribution's formats in different medias
  • use different file formats, resolutions, compression, vector and bitmap graphics suited to the different medias
  • give an account of the different colour spaces and colour management systems for achieving colour reproduction from design to publishing for printed advertising and electronic medias
  • use apertures, shutters, focal distance and ISO-values when working with cameras
  • use templates and page makeup programs for media graphics subjects
  • arrange your own work area according to ergonomic principles and work in an ergonomic manner

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