Curriculum for Industrial Machine Operation and Maintenance VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (IME3-01)


Industrial Machine Operation and Maintenance shall lay the foundation for working in manufacturing and assembly, and doing maintenance and repair work for land-based industries, offshore and shipyards. These kinds of industries are characterised by continuous technological development with increasing degrees of automation. The subject shall contribute to the stable and optimal operation of industrial machines and equipment.

Learning in the subject shall provide the apprentice with comprehensive skills in manufacturing and for assembling mechanical elements and doing maintenance and repairs on machines and equipment. Furthermore, learning shall contribute by developing the apprentice's ability to adapt to reorganization and developing a comprehensive understanding of mechanical processes. Learning in the subject shall promote an understanding of mechanical structures, along with adjustments and controlling these machines.

Learning in the subject shall prepare the apprentice for planning, executing, assessing and documenting his or her work. Furthermore, learning shall prepare the apprentice to work independently and cooperate with other professionals and trades, and promote professional development. Learning in the subject shall prepare the apprentice for working with Environment, Health and Safety at work. The company's organization and quality, information and decision-making systems are a part of learning.

Training completed and passed in the subject will lead to a Trade Certificate.

The professional title is Industrial Machinery Mechanic.

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