Curriculum for Industrial Machine Operation and Maintenance VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (IME3-01)

After Vg3

Manufacturing and assembly

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • plan and execute work in line with current rules and regulations for Environment, Health and Safety and working procedures
  • dismantle, repair, re-assemble, install and do functions tests on mechanical components for the company's production line
  • select materials for work based on working drawings and specifications
  • select and use machines and equipment to slice, cut and saw according to the work at hand
  • select and use processing and finishing machines for lathing, milling, drilling, broaching, honing, sheet work and pipe work based on specifications and the customer's requirements for quality
  • select and use cutting tools and set up manufacturing machines in line with drawings and working descriptions
  • assemble and put automated pneumatic and hydraulic guidance system into operation at the company's production line
  • do strapping and hooking work, and learn signalling and rigging in line with current rules for this
  • do corrosion protection and surface treatment on different materials for one's work
  • assemble, modify and test mechanical components according to specifications

Maintenance and repairs

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • perform maintenance and repair tasks according to current rules, legislation and the manufacturer's technical documentation
  • plan jobs and do maintenance, troubleshoot, repair and carry out functions tests on mechanical components, and elaborate on the alternative solutions available
  • disconnect and reconnect the electrical system for doing repairs and maintenance work according to current rules and regulations
  • select and use digital and analogue measuring instruments based on requirements for precision
  • measure pressures, temperatures and quantities and evaluate the results of these measurements with a thought to quality requirements
  • do packaging and use insulation materials according to specifications
  • select oils, lubricants and fastening materials according to specifications and product data sheets
  • do heat treatment on materials pursuant to maintenance and repair tasks
  • select gases adapted to the particular work task and handle the gasses in line with current requirements for Environment, Health and Safety
  • use welding methods to do maintenance and repair work according to current standards

Documentation and quality

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • inspect and document finished work in line with current rules and regulations for Environment, Health and Safety, working procedures and quality assurance systems
  • record deviations, prepare deviation reports and carry out corrective measures
  • perform calculations related to the use of materials and selection of equipment
  • prepare reports and fill in forms according to the work task
  • do source separation and handle waste according to routines and current rules for this
  • use information and decision-making systems, and give an account of the company's organization

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