Examples of connections


Competence aims

  • describe their own strengths, qualities and interests, and consider them in relation to their desired education, career and life skills
  • gather, analyse and use information about education and employment
  • explore career opportunities in various ways, and describe different educational pathways and careers they may lead to
  • gain knowledge of the workplace by testing, exploring and reflecting on how sustainability goals, conjunctures and technology impact the labour market, occupations and working methods
  • discuss consequences of exclusion and awareness of the economic and social value of working at both the individual and social level
  • describe what and who can impact career choices and how this affects one's own choices
  • explore and discuss gender-related perspectives in career choices
  • see the opportunities and transform their own ideas into taking action and making decisions, and reflect with others on the consequences of career choices
  • develop and use coping strategies to handle transitions and challenges related to education and careers
  • interpret job advertisements, write a CV and job application, and learn how to make a good impression during an interview

Formative assessment