Examples of connections


Competence aims after electronic circuits and networks

  • plan, carry out, assess and document assignments related to electronic circuits and networks, individually and in cooperation with others and give a reason for their choices
  • build and programme a self-chosen product consisting of micro controls, analogue circuits, appropriate sensors and actuators to achieve the desired functionality
  • connect various computer devices to a system, configure relevant components with the aid of software and establish communication between the devices to achieve the desired functionality
  • assemble and configure a small computer network with an Internet connection, carry out appropriate measurements and explain simple measures for securing the network
  • explore sensors for electronic circuits and networks, and discuss their area of application
  • carry out risk assessments and work in accordance with electrical and ICT security routines, and health, safety and environment routines
  • professionally carry out work in electronic circuits and networks in accordance with applicable regulations, assembly and installation instructions, and use appropriate hand tools and machines
  • choose and use suitable instruments and software to carry out measurements and troubleshooting, and assess the readings against expected values
  • assess the quality of their own work and suggest improvements
  • use and handle materials and equipment in electronic circuits and networks in a responsible and sustainable manner in compliance with applicable internal control systems
  • manage waste upon completion of work in an environmentally friendly way, and discuss the climate and environmental load of various products

Formative assessment

Assessment of coursework