Curriculum for Bricklaying VG3/ in-service training at a training establishment (MUR3-01)

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Main subject areas


The main subject area is concerned with bricklaying, building block walls, plastering and surface work, tiling and working with natural stones. Wetroom work and different kinds of rehabilitation are central themes in the subject. It also covers drawings, work descriptions and the use of measuring tools. Planning, doing and assessing one's own work are also included. The use of pre-accepted solutions, quality assurance systems and ethical requirements for the trade are also included. Environment, health and safety are central themes of this subject.

Trade studies

The main subject area is concerned with the use of materials and their areas of application. Descriptions and drawings as a basis for documenting production are also included. The main subject area also covers aesthetics and cultural values and the subject's historic development and place in society.

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