Curriculum for Bricklaying VG3/ in-service training at a training establishment (MUR3-01)

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Bricklaying shall contribute to building masonry constructions and rehabilitating old masonry and brickwork. The subject shall help protect buildings from weather and wind, and contribute to a good indoor climate.

Learning in the subject shall contribute to competence in masonry work on façades, fireplace, chimneys and when laying tiles. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall develop competence in bricklaying, block wall masonry, plastering, laying tiles, wetroom work, slating and natural stonework, as well as caring for aesthetical and cultural values.

Learning in the subject shall also contribute to promoting creativity, good working habits and the ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and other collaborators. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall instruct in the subject's wide range of traditional crafts. Learning in the subject shall uphold requirements for environment, health and safety.

Training completed and passed in the subject will lead to an examination for a Journeyman's Certificate in the trade. The professional title is Bricklayer.

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