Curriculum for physical education (KRO1-04)


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Competence aims after Year Level 4

Physical activity in various environments and settings

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • play and participate in activities in various environments where senses, motor functions and coordination are put to the test
  • perform basic activities such as crawling, walking, jumping, hopping, sprinting, landing, turning and rolling in gymnastics and organized activities
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  • interact with others in different activities
  • know one's own physical limits and distinguish the difference between one's own skill levels and the skill levels of others
  • use simple aids and tools from traditional and alternative physical activities
  • play with others using different kinds of balls and participate in simple ball games
  • explore, play and express themselves with movement to different rhythms and music
  • take part in singing games and simple dances from various cultures
  • ski and skate when conditions allow
  • make and use simple maps for orientation in the local neighbourhood
  • use clothing, equipment and simple aids and tools when outdoors in a safe and functional manner
  • talk about rules that apply to being in a natural environment and being able to move in the countryside without leaving tracks
  • name the parts of the body and ways of moving
  • explain the importance personal hygiene has for health and enjoyment, for oneself and for others
  • comply with traffic rules for pedestrians and bicyclists

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