Curriculum for physical education (KRO1-04)


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Physical education as a general study subject shall inspire physical activity in all aspects of life and inspire lifelong enjoyment of being physical active. Physical activity is important for everyone as this fosters good health. The physical activity culture, such as play, sports, dance and outdoor life is part of how we establish our identity in society and what we have in common. The subject shall stimulate physical use of the body to enhance individual sensing, experiencing, learning and creating. The social aspects of physical activities mean that physical education is important for promoting fair play and respect for one another.

Teaching in the subject shall contribute to helping the pupils experience joy, inspiration and a sense of mastery by being physically active and by interacting with others. The subject shall also contribute to helping children and young people develop a sense of self awareness, a positive perception of the body and their own developing identity. It shall help pupils understand the ideas of an ideal body and healthy physical activity, which can influence their sense of self and ideas about health, nutrition, training and lifestyle. Pupils shall learn to understand how their own efforts can help them reach their goals, and what factors can motivate activity and training.

Pupils shall develop competence through a wide selection of play and different kinds of activities, develop versatility and learn to value exercise and visiting to nature. The subject shall help pupils acquire knowledge about exercise and training, lifestyle and health, and motivate them to have an active life and continue physical training into adulthood. The subject shall provide pupils with physical challenges and the courage to test their own limits during spontaneous and organized activities. Learning in the subject of Physical Education shall attend to traditional and alternative physical activities in the subject and stimulate experimentation and creative development. Key elements of the subject are movement and play, versatile sports, fair play, dance and outdoor life.

Learning in the subject shall provide pupils with a point of departure for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and a sense of mastery based on own skills and ability levels. This subject is assessed using a special scheme that includes evaluating pupil effort as a part of basic subject assessment. Many of the competence aims for the subject take the pupils' own physical limitations and skills levels into consideration for assessment.

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