Information technology - programme subject in programmes for Specialization in General Studies (INF1-01)


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Information technology 2

Planning and documentation

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • specify and give grounds for functional demands for planned IT solutions
  • choose and use relevant techniques and tools for planning and developing IT solutions
  • create instruction manuals for IT solutions
  • give an account of how IT solutions are developed in collaborations between individuals, and what this requires in terms of the planning and developmental processes
  • explain the purpose of technical documentation, and create this kind of documentation for IT solutions, with a particular emphasis on documenting interfaces between different subsystems


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • read and use documentation and code
  • define variables and choose appropriate data types
  • allocate statements for variables
  • do programming with simple and indexed variables or other variable collections
  • do programming using choices and repetitions
  • create their own, and use other people’s functions or methods with parameters
  • program functions or methods that are triggered by events
  • develop and compose subprograms
  • test and find errors in programs by using the most common techniques
  • give an account of the purpose of object-oriented development and the concepts class, object and inheritance

Multimedia development

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • plan and develop multimedia applications by combining their own and other people’s multimedia elements of the types text, image, sound, video and animations
  • use programming language in multimedia applications
  • evaluate and use relevant file formats for text, image, sound, video and animations
  • evaluate multimedia products with the purpose of evaluating user interface and functionality

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