Information technology - programme subject in programmes for Specialization in General Studies (INF1-01)


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Main subject areas

Our digital age

The main subject area is concerned with how digital equipment functions, and how standards, software and interfaces make interaction possible between computers and other equipment. The subject also deals with how technology influences and is influenced by society, and how the individual encounters technology in everyday life. Knowledge of current rules and ethical norms for the use of information technology is a central theme in this subject. Data security is also included in the main subject area.

Websites and multimedia

The main subject area is concerned with designing, implementing and evaluating websites containing text, sound, images, video and animations. A prominent theme in the main subject area is the organization and overall graphic design of websites so that these are made more accessible to various user groups. It also is concerned with the use of standard solutions for specific developments in resolving IT issues.


The main subject area is concerned with modelling and creating databases and developing IT solutions with a point of departure in the databases themselves. It also is concerned with how databases can be made more accessible from websites with the help of server-side query languages and software.

Planning and documentation

The main subject area is concerned with planning IT solutions and the development of these according to specifications for satisfying user needs. It also is concerned with documentation and evaluation of specific developments for resolving IT issues. The main subject area also covers designing, documenting and evaluating solutions related to the guidelines that have been established for user interfaces.


The main subject area is concerned with how formal language can be used to formulate structures and devise instructions that can be carried out by computers. Key themes in this main subject area are experimentation and problem-solving. Object-oriented programming is also covered.

Multimedia development

The main subject area concerns designing, structuring, implementing and evaluating multimedia applications that contain text, sound, images, video and animation. It also covers applications for local use and publication on the Internet.

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