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Curriculum for Motor vehicle mechanic, light-duty vehicles Vg3 / in-service training at a training establishment (BMK3-01)


Motor vehicle mechanic, light-duty vehicles shall contribute to developing competence in troubleshooting, repairing and servicing passenger cars and utility vehicles. The subject shall contribute to society's needs for transporting human beings and goods, ensuring that this is done in a safe and acceptable manner. Furthermore, the subject shall contribute to upholding standards for safety, comfort and the environment.

Learning in the subject shall help the apprentice develop competence in repairs, maintenance and diagnosis. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall lay the foundation for professional insight and the ability to make independent assessments, to cooperate and improve communication skills.

Learning in the subject shall organise practical work tasks in areas of mechanics and electrical and electronic systems. The use of digital equipment shall be included in learning. Learning in the subject shall prepare the apprentice for a working life that demands efficiency and is rewarding. Learning in the subject shall emphasise rules for environment, health and safety.

Training completed and passed in the subject will lead to a Trade Certificate. The professional title is Automobile Mechanic for Light-duty Vehicles.

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