Curriculum for Construction and production machinery mechanic Vg3 / in-service training at a training establishment (AMM3-01)


Description of the programme subjects

Troubleshooting and diagnosi

The programme subject covers troubleshooting and diagnosis techniques. Use of technical literature and digital tools is included in the work. The programme subject also covers assessment of cost and profitability of a repair, planning work and selecting tools.

Repairs and maintenance

The programme subject covers repair work using repair manuals and other necessary technical literature, tools and measuring instruments. Guiding users in construction vehicle maintenance is included in the programme subject. Environment, health and safety are central themes of this subject.

Documentation and quality

The programme subject covers the application of laws and regulations, writing work and progress reports and documentating finished work. Registering and reporting deviations is also included. Furthermore, this subject deals with communicating with customers and colleagues.

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