Social Studies (SAF01‑04)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 2

  • develop and present social-studies issues
  • talk about how different sources, including maps, can provide information about social-studies issues
  • explore and describe the cultural heritage and cultural and natural landscape of the local community
  • explore and present the ways in which people lived one to two generations ago
  • reflect on why people have different opinions and make different choices
  • talk about friendship and belonging and what can have an impact on relations
  • describe and give examples of diversity in Norway, with an emphasis on different types of families and communities, including the indigenous Sami people
  • explore and give examples of how people have impact on the climate and the environment, and document how this can be seen in the local community
  • present and give examples of children’s rights in Norway and in the world, and what children can do when these rights are violated
  • explore and give examples of how children can have an effect on decisions and collaborate on democratic processes
  • talk about the opportunities and challenges involved in digital interaction
  • talk about emotions, bodies, gender and sexuality and how both one’s own and other peoples’ boundaries can be expressed and respected
  • explore and give examples of how people in different parts of the world can have an impact on each other’s lives

Formative assessment