Social Studies (SAF01‑04)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after year 4

  • explore and present social-studies-related topics, search for information in various sources and assess how useful the information that is to inform about the topics
  • explore cultural heritage and how people lived during the time the cultural heritage is from, and compare this with how we live today
  • describe cultural and natural landscapes in Norway and talk about how historical and geographical sources, including maps, can provide information about these landscapes
  • talk about why conflicts arise in the school and local environment, listen to others’ opinions, and collaborate with them to find constructive solutions
  • present human rights and children’s rights, and reflect on why we have these rights
  • present reasons as to why the Sami people have been given indigenous status in Norway, and describe the different forms of Sami cultural and community life, both from the past and today
  • explore and give examples of some aspects of sustainability
  • reflect on the connections between personal finances and one’s own consumption
  • talk about identity, diversity and community, and reflect on what it might be like if one is not a part of the community
  • talk about the rules and norms for protection of privacy, the sharing and protection of information, and what it means to use one’s judgment in digital interaction
  • talk about the boundaries related to the body, what violence and sexual abuse is, and how to obtain help if one has been the victim of violence and sexual abuse
  • reflect on which forces in society have power and what a democracy is, and develop proposals for how one can have an impact on decisions
  • talk about some important public institutions and their functions in Norway, and reflect on how they affect people’s lives

Formative assessment