Music (MUS01‑02)
Competence aims and assessment

Examples of connections


Competence aims after Year 7

  • perform a repertoire of music, songs, other vocal expressions and dance from the contemporary period and from past times
  • explore
    and discuss
    how music from the past affects today's music
  • rehearse and perform songs and music, together or alone, by ear and using simple notation techniques
  • listen to, experiment and create new expressions with instruments, body, voice or sounds from other sources, and present
    the result
  • use
    technology and digital tools to create, rehearse and process music
  • use
    subject-related terms in the description of and reflection on work processes, results, musical expressions and techniques
  • explore
    and present musical experiences and perceptions
  • investigate how gender, gender roles and sexuality are presented in music and dance in the public sphere, and create expressions that challenge stereotypes
  • reflect
    on how music can play different roles in developing the identity of individuals and groups

Formative assessment