Curriculum for Confectionary VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (KON3-01)


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Main subject areas

Raw materials and production

The main subject area is concerned with production of different doughs, masses, cakes and other products. Being able to utilise and handle raw materials in a hygienic, professional, economical and rational manner is also included. Basic handicraft skills are central themes of the subject. It also covers technology and design, with an emphasis on artistic expression and the genuinely creative aspects of the subject.

Hygiene and quality management

The main subject area is concerned with quality management systems, internal control, personal hygiene and hygiene for the food trades in general. Furthermore, current legislation and the role of inspectorate authorities are also included.

Trade, company and environment

The main subject area is concerned with the company's place in society and the organisation and framework conditions for the trade in general. Environment, health and safety are a part of the main subject area.

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