Curriculum for Confectionary VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (KON3-01)


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Confectionary is a handicraft trade that shall lay the foundation for practicing an occupation in the production of cakes and confectionery goods. The subject shall use new technology and further develop Norwegian culinary traditions. Furthermore, the subject shall meet standards to educate competitors for international culinary competitions.

Learning in the subject shall contribute to developing competence in raw materials and different production processes. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall contribute to developing safe confectionery products of the highest quality with a focus on sensory qualities and aesthetics. The subject shall contribute to developing good handicraft skills. All food production shall have a quality management system applied to it, based on hazard analysis and critical checkpoints. Learning in the subject shall attempt to promote a professional relationship to service, cooperation, communication and equality.

Learning in the subject shall arrange for varied work tasks. Furthermore, learning shall emphasise professional development in confectionary and alteration work related to the company's routines.

Training completed and passed in the subject will lead to an examination for a Journeyman's Certificate in the trade. The professional title is Confectioner.

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